How to make Biscuits without oven-कड़ाही में बिस्कुट बनाये

Making cookies or biscuits at home has always been a great way to prepare a nice afternoon snack. But what happens if you haven’t got an oven to bake them in? Thankfully, it is possible to make cookies without the microwave and still achieve good results, so check out this One for how to make cooking without oven.

Ingredients needed for biscuits –

  • Whole wheat flour or maida –  one bowl
  • Besan – one bowl
  • Powdered sugar – one bowl
  • Ghee – one bowl
  • Ilaichi powder – one tsp
  • Baking soda – one tsp
  • Chironji – for garnish

Method of  biscuits at home

Step – 1

Sieve the besan and maida in plate and also add baking soda in it. Take a mixing bowl and put this mix in it. Add powdered sugar, half quantity of ghee and ilaichi powder. Mix well to form a dough. Pour the ghee in small portions to form this dough. Keep it covered and left for 30 minutes.

Step – 2

Preparing the cooker for baking cookiesTake a thick bottomed kadhahi or pressure cooker , spread a layer of salt or sand of  1 inch, inside the cooker. Then keep any stand or gas stove ring to raise the height for put the plate on it.  Heat the cooker or kadhahi with the sand or salt on high flame for 10 minutes.  

Step – 3

Take equal portions of dough to form balls and flatten it. You can make a design with a fork. You can also shape your cookies with mould. Put some chironji seeds on each cookies.  Place the cookies on a plate of steel or aluminium, leaving enough space between the cookies. Place this plate inside the cooker or kadhahi on stand using tongs as the cooker or kadhahi will be very hot.  Reduce the heat to low and close the Cooker with lid without the whistle and rubber ring or kadhahi with any plate that cover well in size.  

Step – 4

Bake for 20 minutes or until the cookies/biscuits starts to brown near the edges. It took 20 minutes for me. The timings will vary depending on the size of the cooker or kadhahi and heat.  Then remove the cookies gently and place it on a plate or cloth to cool completely. The cookies will be soft but once it cools it will become crisp.

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