Til Barfi Recipe – How to make Til ki Barfi – तिल की बर्फी बनाने की विधि

til barfi
Til Barfi Recipe

Til (Sesame seeds) is good for health and in winter season we eat lot of cuisines made from til, like til ki gajak, til ke laddu, til gud ke ladoo, til ki chiiki and today we are going to make Til ki barfi.  Til ki Burfi is healthy and easy way to make home-made treat. So make try of this recipe at your kitchen and don’t forget to share your experience of this delicious and easy Til ki burfi Recipe. 

Hi.. I am Savita Shekhawat and here again with my new recipe. So, let’s start it.

Ingredients for Til ki barfi recipe

  • Sesame Seeds (Til) – one cup
  • Sugar (Chini) – one cup
  • Dryfruits – a handful

Method of Til ki burfi recipe


Roast sesame seeds over medium heat till they are golden in color. This should take about 2-3 minutes. Take out sesame seeds (til) and grind in mixture. 


In a Pan, we will make sugar syrup. Add one cup of sugar and 2/3 cup of water to pan. Mix well and cook over medium heat. stir continuously . We will make one string (1 taar ki chashni) sugar syrup. 


Add roasted sesame seeds in sugar syrup (chashni) and mix well. Stir continuously  until both ingredients mix well.  Switch off the flame and continue to stir.


Grease a plate with ghee.  Spread burfi mixture onto the greased plate. Garnish with some sesame seeds and dryfruits. Let it sit for at least two hours at room temperature. Cut burfis to desired shape of square or diamond. Your Soft and tasty Til ki barfi is ready to enjoy.

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